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Nightingale 99

How is it you can be so satisfied, with all the questions of your broken mind
How is it you can stand all the messed up lies.
I hear your song in the night, such a beautiful voice, such sad words.
The music of your heart, it barred me from the fall.
Then I saw a tear in your eye, it took my heart soul and all.
Creatures of the day have fallen to the night, by your mysterious call.
They see your true beauty and you dame them all.
I never believed so many could be captured by such a sad song
By such a closed heart.
I wish I could show you the light my nightingale, but I know better have tried.
Oh my little why must you hide.
Don't believe in the lie, you are what you are,
Glorious to touch and sight.
Even with broken wings it is not your final flight.
Your beauty is not touched by day or night.
It is not the power of time or skin, but the power of your heart.
Your love is innocent, as your soul is pure.
So how is your voice and hate so strong, yet unsure.
Do not wallow in pain, I found a new world the day you came.
Your tears can drift or drown my soul.
Your eyes can fill or make that endless hole.
So deep inside me you sleep and wake.
Never leaving me for dreams sake, your breath the air I take.
Nightingale, you'll never know how loved you are
You'll never see that you are the brightest star
Oh my sweet nightingale,
Open your heart.

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