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Nightingale's Song
WS Walterrean Salley ( / Savannah, Ga)

Nightingale's Song

O'er fields and fountains,
Resounding in mountains
Is the nightingale's song.
Daffodils glisten
As butterflies listen—
Enchanted all day long.

The echoing brine,
A conduit—refine—
Channels such tune along.
O'er rocks and rills
Go the trills
Of a melody that's strong.

On majestic scale
Is the nightingale;
For it is among
The smallest creatures
With grandest features -.
There, where it belongs.

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Comments (19)

Sweet as the bird ;) Moving as the song.. Effective..
what a beautiful heart print, pictorial poetry added to my poem list, thanks for sharing 10
In Keats' Ode To A Nightingale nightingale's song takes Keats to the world where there are no weariness, fever and fret.Your poem to with its music can make us forget the sorrow and the strife of this world!
The Birds: The Cuckoo by Wordsworth, The Nightingale by (my) Keats , The skylark by Shelley, The Thrush by Coleridge are immortalised really and The grandest feature of the their song is that it is everywhere n it's difficult to locate the source where does it belong...your poem has the same Flavor of the age of the Romantic Revival...
Nightingale is immortalised by Keats and now here is a poet who has immortalised its song ! ! Simply great
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