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Poem By Dan Albert Figuracion Cortez

We've been together for quite some time now,
Together as much as time could allow,
To make the best out of every second, we made a vow,
See both of us joyful, yesterday and now.

We've been through tough times,
Tough as it can be, even ran out of rhymes,
Yet at each and every end of the day,
We still prevail, our love showed the way.

We've been through almost everything,
Ups and downs, thick and thin,
We've managed to conquer it,
Discuss things at the end of the day, that's it.

Surprisingly, you just left, leaving me hanging,
Left me shaterred, broken, heart's bleedin',
Then called me on the phone, reasonin',
Needed time to be away, alone, pick up pieces that went missin'.

I am not as tough as steel, we both know that,
But as loyal like knight to a queen, like a pan to a piece of fat,
Did I ever betray you before, my lady?
Then why did you put all the jokes on me?

You see, I am not as stupid as you think I am,
Nor as brilliant as you want me to be,
Did I ever promise you that life would be easy?
I told you that before, and you've sworn me loyalty.

I did everything for you, almost even died on the streets,
Fought for you, lived for you, pushed beyond limits,
After all of these, do I deserve to be left alone?
You left me broken, drowned in pain I've never known.

And as I wandered the streets, with pain and tears,
Someone found me, took away my fears,
The same face, physique and smile,
Her warmth and breath, the eyes of an angel and an assurance of no goodbye.

She healed my heart soaked in blood and wine,
Turned my anger and hatred into a love divine,
The bloody face of a loser then,
Now has the heart of a warrior and guts to face the world again.

Just when everthing's slowly mending,
Shattered glasses gently recollecting,
Just when this pain is disappearing,
Now, you wanna try to find what we've lost, begging.

Do you really want to see me happy?
Do you really want me to be in misery?
My wife, let me go, please let me be,
I have found joy with her, something you never gave me.

You left me shattered before, dying of pain,
Why can't you leave me alone now, what's left of me to gain?
Can't you just stop for a second, don't be selfish please,
I am dying for freedom, i am begging you for release.

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