Into the dark of the night,
I run as fast as a deer;
They're drawing closer by the minute,
my eyes are filled with tears.

I dodge the trees and bushes,
as through the forest I run;
for once they lay their hands on me,
at their will I must freely succumb.

Knowing what will happen to me,
if they catch me in the night;
only strengthens my will to run faster,
until they are out of my sight.

I stop for only a moment,
to rest upon a log;
I sense their presence drawing nearer,
through the thick, surrounding fog.

And just as I am ready,
to start running from them again;
I can feel their hands upon me,
hence the torture will now begin.

They drag me through the Forest,
to the place that I call home;
in a room where secrets are hidden,
and the memories are all of my own.

This nightmare is the same each night,
the details are vivid and true;
I can never seem to out run them,
or hault the things that they do.

by Ruth warren

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Woah... Thats crazy. Maybe since you're getting this same dream everynight it might mean something, maybe its a sign (you never know) So yea, keep this one on mind at all times, and you might just find out what it means, or atleast why you dreamed it.