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NW Naomi Waters ( / Houston, Texas)


A cage
Surrounded by flames
Only pain
Shadows surround
Darkness destroys
Not being able to escape
Time has no meaning anymore
Wanting out
Chains trapping
Refusing to let go
Taunting you with freedom
A sound is heard
A name is called
Each time slowly getting louder
You learn it is your name
Then the world shakes
You open your eyes
To see him shaking you calling your name
He stops
You assure him that you are alright
Besides it was just a nightmare
Of the cage
Of hell
Of 100 years in darkness and fire
It was just a nightmare

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Comments (2)

Good portrayal of nightmare: a shadow without substance yet an ugly reality which some people experience in their horrifying dreams. Lovely poem bristling with insight. Thanks for sharing Rose.
Wow! It has all the suspense in it to sustain the interest of a reader till the end. There are times when life brings about such experiences. Thank you, Rose.