Poem By Tanayshia Rone

last night as i sat up in my bed
all i heard was a voice in my head
not your pleasant sweet southern accent
but the voice of a devil calling those who dont repent
so i layed my body down
and tried to smile and wash away the frown
the voice just got louder and louder
i begin to toss and turn wilder and wilder
in my mind it was all a dream
but it felt so real i wanted to scream
i thought nice and hard about that nightmare
it was a message from my heart saying i wanted u there
i wonder what tonight will be
maybe you on a beach hugging and kissing me
or maybe the complete opposite
haha aint that some shit`
maybe i'll get killed with a thousand spears
it really dont matter as long as you are there

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Yesterday I Decided

Yesterday I decided that there was no God
And if there was a God where is he
I decided that there was no purpose for me
I was placed upon this earth to hate and be hated


how can u claim to love me?
when u doubt me
you and doubt = love + me
did i add that correctly?

Love Is....

love is....
having someone to be with
having someone you can't be without
having someone you miss


i'm not mad i'm glad
that bitch was all I had
and now she's gone
this is a rhyme not a song

Dedication 2 Danielle

I dedicate this to you
yeah I am talking to the one that cheers me up
when I am feeling blue
the one that chases away my midnight fears