DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)


You go to bed at night,
When you fall so deeply asleep,
There's no such thing as light,
For I, in your Nightmares do creep.

When you at night let out a gasp,
When a tear on your head has been shed,
You're stuck in bed because of my clasp,
You wake up not knowing what has been said.

There'll be no dreams when I'm around,
I'll tear cupid and his angels apart,
To me, you are forcefully bound,
I am with a needle poking your fragile heart.

You're mine, you're my pet,
There's no chance of escaping now,
There's no knowing how painful it can get,
But I'll give my best, in that you have my vow.

I'll have your body shivering all night long,
I'll have you flexing your fists 'till they bleed,
Is this all you can resist? ! Be strong!
You better prepare, for -I- have taken the lead!

Say goodbye to your dreams, say goodbye to the world,
I will not let you go, you're chained in my lair,
You, in my hand lay curled,
I am your neverending nightmare.

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