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Nightmare Dreamer
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Nightmare Dreamer

100 feet beneath
where the angels cannot sing.
There are demons waiting for me,
eternal darkness in their souls,
infernal fire in their veins.

100 feet beneath,
only darkness I'm allowed to see.
My soul will drift away
amongst the other souls will float.

Walking on the path that ends with dark-red light,
there is the abyss of pain and misery

What the hell I am doing here? !
Without a reason I had to die.
In a winter frost I run
in the middle of the night.

The last I saw was a lake covered with ice
and I'm falling into it.
Now I see red, hot river
that is pouring into the sea of fever.

I must shiver,
but I was always such a nightmare dreamer.

This all was a dream,
but now I should shiver.

It is middle of the winter night,
there is a lake and I could come nearer.
Sometimes I got suicide fever.

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