LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Nightmare In Truth

When the darkness creeps in,
And I can feel the cool wind breathing on the back of my neck,
I think of you to keep sane,
My life
My steady rock.
Then sleep overwhelms me,
And things are happening which I do not control,
Although being aware that I am only sleeping,
I can not force myself to wake,
I can not move,
The fear is overwhelming,
I’m frozen
Unable to move
Unable to scream
Unable to even close my eyes.
So I have to watch,
Unable to do anything to save you,
Blood once innocent flows free,
Suddenly there are other people around while all of this is happening,
But they’re not helping you
They’re not even looking at you
They’re looking at me
Looking with dark accusing eyes
‘How could you let this happen’
How could I let this happen

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Nice. I'm guessing its about someone always getting blamed even though they try to help. This is going in my favorites!