Nightmare Meadow.

There it is, the meadow of happiness
Roses, violets, tulips galore
She runs, her dress billowing in the wind
As she picks a bouquet of glorious beauty
Suddenly everything darkens
Every flower fades to black then breaks to ash
Until all that’s left are roses turned black
Cold swirls through and the roses freeze
A field of eerie blue
Then all but one melt to liquid
Tears stream from the girl’s eyes
As she picks the ghostly blue rose
Crackling sounds as its brittle composure shatters
The shadows grow to large proportions
Engulf the weeping girl
She struggles not and surrenders
To the unforgiving darkness
Once she disappears change occurs again
And the death-like field
Resume once more its beauteous appearance

by Nova Caine

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mysterious and vibrant great imagery u have.. brilliant job