WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Nightmare's Nightmare

Nightmare's Nightmare
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
Wednesday, December 11,2013

I strangled the monster under my bed
Mutilated its corpse and hacked off its head
Everything fears me even the dead
Rivers flow deeply spewing blood red
Braced me for the best of leverage
Lacerated off another monster's appendage
Its heart I cut out and one collapsed lung
No one heard it cry for I had severed its tongue

Blocking the closet from the inside
None shall escape even those who've died
I lay in wait for them out to come
In silence, I sit chewing bubble gum
Come out; come out where ever you are
You can't escape nor get too far
I'll cut out their eyes so they can't see
The grim reaper has nothing on me

The soulless from me tremble with fear
For no pain for them is too severe
Horror I put to the ultimate test
Inflicting discomfort is what I do best
I'll break the left, then the right knee
Torture them I will to the twelfth degree
Such anguish they'll never forget
For I'm not done cutting them up yet

Listen closely as they draw their last breath
Trepidation for I am worst than death
The monsters completely I do scare
Nothing too hideous for them to bear
I'll throw their gizzards to the cats
I feed what's left to the rats
What lurks in the dark worst nightmare
Look over your shoulder I'm standing there

I laid waste to the grimmest reaper
I'm apprehension's silent keeper
Things that go bump are even afraid
Slashing their throats with the sharpest of blade
Blood is what I must spill
Their skull bored by an electric drill
Insane for I do it all for the thrill
Can't wait for tonight you I'll kill

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What a brilliant concept, that of one's worst nightmare having a nightmare. Very inspiring. Great job!