LD (05/29/73 / Peekskill, NY)

Nightmare Screaming

Oh no,
What have I done?
Hate to see
just what I've become
I wasn't the type
that ever stayed sad
now mourning for the things
that I once had
No longer living
No longer care
Twisted in knots
for feelings no longer there
I feel as if
I'd been dreaming
And woken into
a nightmare screaming
I know that
I've gotten into this mess
and now I want out
That I must confess...

Time's been awasting
how much I don't know
the fear that keeps me here
Though just won't let me go
Never venturing before
outside my little world
Now not left with a choice with
how my life has unfurled
So I pick up the pieces
and try to follow my heart
to directions unknown
and nowhere to start
I know I'm
no longer in love
and there's so much to hate
After all
wasn't it he
the first to forsake?
I feel as if
I'd been dreaming
And woken into
a nightmare screaming
I know that
I've got alot at stake
But I don't know how much
more my heart can take...

Now time, it's come and
I must make my move
my will and my desire
and my own worth I must prove
I'd never believe it
would ever come to this
The things I'll leave for good
are things I'll learn to miss
I hope you don't mind that
I don't say goodbye
Somehow I feel guilty inside and
cannot look you in the eye
It's funny
my leaving
though cuts like a knife
overcome this
empowerment in taking back my life
I'm alive
and no longer dreaming
And ending
forever the nightmare and screaming
Right now I might not
know which road I will take
But it's better than knowing
that your life has all been a fake.

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Wow.So sad and true.I feel ur pain Lee I wish all ur desires and dreams come true.Its nver too late Lots of love Roger