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How come everytime we talk you feel so near
So close one whipser i could sware i feel your breath on my ear
And when im laying there in the night i sware its you holding me tight
The one whose tellin me that youll still be there when i wake
Still in the middle of this dream where your holding onto me
Saying my name in your sleep telling me not to leave
When in your sleep tightens your grip on me
Letting me see how much you truly love me
Making me feel this pain of ever losing you
Makes my weary eyes shed some tears
Making me hug you tighter and cry
Whisper your name telling you never will i leave
Closing my grip to your body saying your name over again
Eyes shut tight tears falling
Thunder and lightning, aross from my bed
Pillow tightly grasped in my hand
Finding you never was here that it truly was a dream
Shoving this pillow to my face
crying deep screaming 'i'm sorry'
'My life's no use without you here! '
Thinking of the spot where that cross for you stands
Where you lost control and hit that tree
Where you were on your way to be with me
'Why does it have to be? Told you i wouldn't last a day'
'Wonder how i lasted a week? But it’s over'
'To late your gone my purpose in life is no more'
As i cry these tears and with one last sorry
I took my life away from the world with one deep cut
Leaving here to be with you and where i belong
Barried next to you under tree we use to climb

Written by Shannan Christine Hunt
Saturday,02 September 2006

by Shannan Christine Hunt

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