Poem By Vado Masinovic

In my room,
on my bed,
I closed my eyes,
hidden in the darkness,
hoping for just peace.
I felt a rush of wind,
I opened my eyes,
I was surrounded by trees,
staring at the dark sky,
I got up quickly.
My bed!
My room!
All gone.
I was outside
but I don't know where.
I felt a cold breeze,
I looked around,
My body froze,
staring straight at the light.
I started walking towards it,
I heard a noise,
sounded more like laughter
not just one but multiple.
I backed up
the light got closer.
That's odd.
Its speeding towards me!
I turned to run
but it felt like someone was choking me.
I couldn't breath
all I saw was the light getting closer
and closer.


I woke up
Heart beating so fast
I was back in my room
I checked my body,
hoping it was all just a dream.
I froze looking at my wrist.

'Hah you thought it was a dream, stop thinking and start believing, cause it won't end. Goodnight sweet dreams'

My heart started to race again
Was this real?
If it was...
Then where was I all night?

Comments about Nightmares

Such a terrible feeling and I thank you for sharing. Bullies are usually sad, envious people perhaps wanting to fill your shoes. Keep up the great work.

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