Nightmarish Creatures

Serenading a wind-blown heart with whistling breezes,
sending shivers throughout a mind to the spine of
an inner soul.

Creating the fastidious affordability of constant
remembering upon an empty slate, kept beneath a mind
in filing cabinets of steel.

Dancing across barriers, fragrantly blossoming among
many gardens of yesterday's childish images.

Forgotten underfoot, squeezed dry by embarrassment of
silent eye-awakening memories.

Sadly straddling fences of untold sorrow, afraid of
what tomorrow may bring.

Lightly criss-crossing, avoiding pitfalls of tomorrow's

Left dangling in the aftermath of voices, creeping up
stairways, calling forth nightmarish creatures from
depths of childhood.

Signing death warrants of unsuspecting children with
antagonistic foes, pretending to be chosen delights,
when in reality it is the devil in disguise, awaiting
the defilement of more pure innocence.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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