JP (2/19/1976 / Grapevine, TX)

Nighttime Envy

I spend most nights
until the wee hours of morn;
the subtle changes of your face
as you are mentally carried
from one dreamscape
to another.

Did you know I want to sleep like you do?
If only I could sleep like you do…

I lie here each night
through the darkened hours,
to noises which accompany sleep;
your mumbled words,
your slow intake of breath,
your sighs.

I wish I could sleep like you do. Eh?
If only I could sleep like you do…

I stay here beside you
of the rest you find with ease.
Until, Finally!
As the sun peeks above the earth,
my eyes leaden with sleep
and, At Last! , I too
am allowed to dream.

by Jennifer Parks

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Dont you just 'love' those nights; -)