Love Really Hurts

when u are 15 and you have a kid,
if the guy bells on you i am so sorry ya know. guys are reallly bad these days i mean they hurt and hurt u over and over,
guys are wrong for what they do to us girls,
the need to be cool and if their girl get knocked up,
well it was their spurm so why get mad at the girl,
a guy needs to step up and be a man he need to get his mind together!
When u have a kid at 15 u just need to depend on yourself,
guys will always bell on u so dont cry or get mad,
its not worth the tears,
love hurts but just let it go because if its real,
it will come back to you with no problem but just move on when u get hurt,
make your ex jelouse,
show him what u are capable of,
and every now and then call and hang up,
show him u are way better than he is,
love is not suppopsed to hurt,
love is supposed to have the good feeling,
the feeling that u cant fight away,
love cant hurt so if love hurts u,
its not real,
let it go and go find the real kind of love! ! ! !

by Amber Rainer

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Quite good that it is a damn good thing then. Very nice write. Best Regards, Joy