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Nighttime Sparkling

Nighttime sparkling
Wet leaves in yellow light
It seems that all is gone
Yet still is my despise
Like clouds on darkened sky
My sorrows lifted up so high
Oh, how I wish that I could fly
Up above and down below
And through all that is now
I wish that I could keep a promise
'cause from this day I wow
to always stay true to my words
to the person
that is me
I hope to meet myself somehow
And wish then I would see
That I am nothing
but myself
As honest as I could be

Nighttime sparkling
Wet leaves in yellow light
And feelings of eternity
Is all that is in sight

An infinite past
Comes rushing back
Just as daylight
its entrance

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Comments (4)

I asked to borrow the second because the first is truth in sensuality and the third is reality itself and both are a part of me already, only the second is an image – that is why. Tell me, just how is it possible to rein in the desire to fly up and down and through all that is, to all that is. To finally see oneself, find, meet, discover anew and become united in one again. You’re marvelous and I am no more, have lost my existence – it doesn’t s e e m anymore – it is an oath, a vow – and desire cannot be stopped just now at the gates of enthralling bliss, beckoned.
Sad but beautiful..I love the title...Nighttime sparkling very nice Pia
If I may Agnes, if you permit me to borrow the second stanza of those four lines and add to it the quest to find myself and in so doing, keep my promise, the poem has a rare charm and appeal that pulls at my heartstrings. My lady, you're marvellous! Why the leaves are wet, the light should be yellow and the time should be night - very well synchronized - there's a harmony of words that heralds true blissfulness. Vraiment, c'est magnifique! Truly its wonderful! I'm compelled to sing in Swedish.
nice work, especially for a young poet. peace.