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Nihilistic Idiots
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Nihilistic Idiots

Some of us are a bunch of nihilistic idiots
And we don't even know it
All of us are a bunch of nihilists
You really can't show me one human being
That has ever walked the face of this earth
That isn't a nihilist in some way
Jesus Christ doesn't count
Because most of his life is missing in the written texts
Which tells me that maybe there was something
That he did that people don't want us to know about
We are trashing the planet
With no thought given to what we are doing
The ones that are thinking are destroying too
So really I have come to the conclusion of this
We were put on this earth to destroy it

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Well, that's a scary thought! Interesting poem. Sincerely, Mary