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Nimbus Nothings
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Nimbus Nothings

Poem By Papa Crutch

A lavelered lackey with leaden hands
Pileated Pythius at attention doth stand;
Malthus, head high to face the fray
Arrives with Lord Launfal to set the array.

As an onslaught of obtuse objections abound
Bold Criticus constrains the carpish crowd;
And monophonic minions poise pointed sticks,
At a mundane muse culling triadic tricks.

Silhouetted shirt-tale blazoned on breeze,
In threadbare twillings and knotted knees,
Maecenas the malcontent sets tribute aside
So judicious jugates can be taken in stride.

As Freudian feelings nurture syllabic souls,
Hippocrene hypes turn into heretic wholes.
When Cunneiform cobwebs inundate the skyes,
Nimbus nothings obscure the untrained eyes.

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