Nin Meleth Le (My Love For You)

My love for you stirs so many emotions
It is like a river, so beautiful when it flows gently
Sometimes it just sways with the wind
But then, it can be rapid, going so many directions
It seems to pull my heart away
It is like the sky, bright and beautiful
With a golden sun hanging high
But then, the grey clouds cover all the light
And any hope is taken out of sight
All the miles between our spirits
They can all disappear, and then we could sit in the grass
And watch the sun set
The truth is, I am broken when you feel so far away
I have been hoping for the words to say
To show you these feelings
I am sure that you feel the same
But not for me
I have dreamed of an open field
I stand on one side and you on the other
We are so close, yet so apart
The rain starts to fall
And my pain falls with it
The dark clouds fade
The sun shines into our cold shade
I stare into your eyes
They reflect depth and wisdom
Mine reflect fear and passion
My hand lies in yours
And the world seems like it pours out life and beauty
The wind sounds like a piano
Playing a sweet love song
This is definitely where I belong
There is not one shadow left
Everything seems so perfect
But in reality, it isn’t
Because this is only a dream, lost in my mind
Someone please, find it again

(C) 2006

by Christina Shischell

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