Nine Point Nine

O, you cry me a river.
It must have been the liver
You gave me yesterday,
Today my powder room makes you shiver.

As it came out my other end,
with it a message I did sent,
That the cat sand needs refreshing,
Becoming a blessing to the land.

I know you enjoy this so much,
As much as the desire to touch
Because we both like to share;
So get going with that brush.

Being aware that cats are addictive,
That without them you cannot live,
Slowly you need more and more;
Turning an average day into magnificent.

There is nothing that your vets can do;
No matter how often I use the loo;
You have to cuddle and adore,
Wishing you had twenty hands, not two.

Perhaps you can take me for a drive,
Show me the human miserable life
Of those without the joy of cats,
Then the ecstasy of those having five.

Today is another day to try,
Make sure I am warm, well fed and dry.
I must say you are doing well
So I give you out of ten a nine point nine.

by hubert canvas

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