Blow out the candles love and hold me close,
Your kiss it keeps me locked up tight,
Taken quick, like the power of the tides.
Your eyes the pierce right through me;
Sharper and quicker than any blade.
This moment sweet beneath the lights,
Beneath the covers of our dreams,
Celestial visions do come true.
The way you look I love to see.
The feeling now I love to hate.
Silky smooth and lovely lace.
Splash of perfume and that angel face.
Passion burning and feeling explosive.
My heart is yearning and my body tingling.
Your touch so soft, bring me satisfaction,
My touch to you bring chills down your spine.
The way you taste dances on my tongue.
Sweeter than candy yet so much better.
Tonight love we're one and I am yours.
Lovely. Passionate. Sexy, or hot.
Let these words describe this night.
A night of love and passion.
Hold me dear as the candle goes out...

by Mark Ruiz

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Very sensual and passionate poem. A good read.