TTO ( / Washington State)

Nineteen-Ninety One

Your inspirations to write fertile
Comes from your darkened ground corridors
Much as a mad chef with his dominating seasonings
Using Basil and Garlic more and more;
Your Over The Rainbow verses
And Rescue Missions shine today ever CLEAR
Your private hidden life-now out in the open
Your security now lost-living in fear?
Years and years of poisoning plans and words
Fresh out of: The D.O.C.-
Turning our: 'Precious Gift' against us eventually
With your: One To Seek Him Talk! ;
Introducing him to your poison-
Does your wickedness have no end?
You are totally shameless-thats the truth
Oh, how all of your actions egregiously offend! ;

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i am using this space to tell you that i found a comment you left about Brian Mayo, one of my favorites. i read your bio on PH and wonder who wrote it. did you know Library is misspelled at the end of it? time to enjoy my next meal. bri :) i may come back to read a poem sometime.