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Poem By Jordan Cummins

Black as night,
I prepare.
Out of sight,
Life's not fair.

Around the bend,
Henchmen walk.
Swift as wind,
I begin to stalk.

Arrow and bow,
Steady my aim.
Lying low,
I stake my claim.

Let one fly,
Pierce the heart.
His goodbye,
Just my start.

Another patrol,
Sealed his fate.
He paid the toll,
And took the bait.

Sneaking close,
Hold my breath.
Like a ghost,
Silent death.

Inside I go,
Down the hall.
Found my foe,
He will fall.

My daggers flash,
His blood flows.
I take the stash,
No one knows.

© Jordan Cummins

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Wow. This was better than MY Ninja poem.