Nip It Quick

There is a big difference between,
Seeing a thing for what it is.
To comprehend its meaning and existence.
Than it is,
Trying to avoid it.
By crossing a street.
Climbing a tree.
Or running to escape from it,
By hopping a fence.
To look back to see that it has grown bigger.

Those who make attempts pretending,
What 'is' does not exist.
Eventually find that digging a hole,
To hide from the growing enormity it.
Suffer from consequences they can never repay.

It is always best to be proactive,
No matter who or what.
Becomes offended by the action.
And face those dilemmas when they arise.

Like being strict with a child,
Regardless of how cute that child may be.
The first time there is a sign of disobedience occurring,
Nip it in the bud quick.
Do not give up to quit.
If not.
The control to introduce a discipline when it is too late,
Is a fate one confronts that is inescapable.
When one is fed what is allowed to become an addiction.
And an attempt is made to stop it?
All hell breaks loose.

Nip it quick!
Or a price will be paid for it.
If not.
Prepare to give up everything that once had a value.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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