You're in love.

I'm in love.

But please forgive me for running.

I ask for forgiveness.

I simply can't stay still.

I'm scared.

For you know me more than I know myself.

You read me like a book.

You know me inside out.

I'm sorry.

It instills fear into me, engraves it on my heart.

I don't know my true name and yet you do.

You say you love my eyes.

Yet you know these eyes are simply full of lies.

Forgive me.

I am not a good person.

You deserve much better.

I'm broken.

I'm floating through void consisting of my sorrow.

I'm sorry.

I'm a calamity waiting to happen.

You are to precious to be sacrificed to me.

I stay ageless while your body slowly rots.

The contrast, the difference is to great.

I beg for forgiveness.

You are living, while I simply 'am'.

Yet you understand me more than me.

Therefore I'm afraid.

Like a wounded animal.

Forgive me.

by Leroy Numa

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