Nirvana [nude]

Nirvana [Nude]

Everything is dressed with lies
Nude. Truth is always nude.
Nothing is there to feel shame in it
Truth is god and it is the right way
Nude is better than dressed lies
Lies are taking us to endless grief
Truth alone can redeem us and
It alone can restore our peace and glee
Decorated lies are too many in this world
They may be in power and they may rule you
Hold the shadows of truth and
Follow it’s hard and long way
To eat the fruits of life
Not to go behind such false attractions
They are mirage and not real
They may come as angels and they may show their
extra ordinary powers
They may have millions of followers in luxuries
Believe not, and hide in the shadows of mighty truth
It’s followers may be in struggles
They alone will be blessed in His court

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