(March 2nd,1984 / USA)

Nirvanic Grace

When I arch my back—oh, like so,
And knead my breasts together

I can apprise all the things I wish
And they but bring a pity’s foe

As I lie in the nirvanic grace
Of this disenchanted love;

Raising my eyes to opposite the bed—
I rest on the virtuous
Derelict shards of disclosed visages

Of women who trespassed the divide
before me

Mimicked back and forth like
Assiduous calls in cellos:
The same alloyed chord
Of the men who
Adored them.

Until the rock irrupted from above
And split their faces in
Unsymmetrical places

And still they sleep with
Heads turned to one side
Profiling Perfection.

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Comments (6)

Seriously, can you even write a bad piece? ! A masterwork like this can only come from an individual with the-wait for it, wait for it-poet's soul. Someone who looks at all angles of a relationship, including sexuality. And what a unique angle it is! As always, I'm left to wonder why I never thought of this take myself :) Tres bien, mon ami
Interesting....the colaberation of past or present.....Nirvanic Grace.....cool your writin' a strange twist of perfection
PS: this is exactly what I mean by 'wow' language, Susan. I can learn from this piece of writing. Best regards, Gina.
Susan, this is my favourite work of yours so far - sensual, musical, and rich. You mean 'erupted' not 'irrupted', yes? A piece of writing to inspire. Kudos to you, Susan. Regards, Gina. PS: you also use the name 'Goldy Locks', no?
Plunder me unsolid.......this is miraculous piece that turns self pleasure to remnants of past pleasure..humming to the turning point of what was...Great is an understatement of this poem.
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