No Adequate Poem Will Be Written Against The Darkness Of Another Life

NO ADEQUATE POEM WILL BE WRITTEN AGAINST THE DARKNESS OF A DIFFERENT LIFE (Reflections after reading “ To See You Again”(A True Story of Love in a Time of War) by Betty Schimmel

No adequate poem will be written against the darkness of a different life-
There are people in this world who have known horrors beyond my poor imagining-
Priviliged to have been safe throughout my life
How can I possibly understand those who saw human lives taken in an instant?

Millions of innocent have been murdred in this world-
And we live our everyday lives as if there has never been such a thing in the world -
Were we to constantly pay attention to the worst that there has been
We would perhaps curse God and die –

The worst has happened many many times to others-
As good as me or mine-

How I fear the incidents and accidents and not so accidents
In a world in which we have so many enemies who would destroy us
Who hate us with all their envy and stupidity
And who would wipe us out completely –

I pray to God and have faith in God and believe in God
But the worst horrors have happened to those with greater faith than mine-

The future is terrible uncertainty-
And I pray we will have the strength and courage and luck and blessing to not to be its victims again.

by Shalom Freedman

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