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No Alibi For Mel

In Malibu Mel Gibson cursed
the Jews, of all mankind the worst,
and cause, he claimed, of every war,
braveheart bravura that is more
appropriate for gutter snipes
than those who’re Oscared with the hypes
that Hollywood bestows to crown
the heroes of their tinseled town.

He used to say: “I am no anti-
Semite, ” and then upped the ante
by shooting “Passion of the Christ, ”
denying he had been enticed
by hatred off the Jews, although
the movie clearly struck a blow
at those who hate their gory thrillers
to end with Jewboys as Christ killers.

Jew-hatred though the man denied
he spoke the truth when DUI’d.
Sinatra said, “I’ll do it my way, ”
but never on Pacific Highway
did he lose dignity and wits
and call a sheriff “sugar tits, ”
as Mel did after diatribing
Jews at whom he’s long been sniping.

Oh hubris, there’s a hell awaiting
the people who spend lifetimes hating,
for even in fair Malibu
they do not find an aliboo,
which is an alibi for geese
that do not seem to strive for peace,
and must be shooed away with boos,
though not Mel Gibson’s kind of booze.

by gershon hepner

Comments (2)

Justified write and very interesting to know the facts of Gibson doing this act of spat..
I'd already heard that Mr G was homophobic. Now he's shown himself to be an anti-semitic misogynist as well! Bigoted twat. Caustic piece of writing, Gershy, and justifiably so.