NE (1991- / )

No......Always The Answer

You made me promise, never to hurt myself again
But i know that youve forgotten it already
You made to me promises, that you never even dreamed of keeping
But i knew it as soon as the lies left your lips
So this is my time for breakage, as i can see youd overlook it
If you cared, im sure youd notice
Too bad you dont, because this could be a mistake
Its strange, how cool and slick the gasoline feels on my clothing
With only a flick of my lighter i could end it...
Would you even notice i was gone?
Even if i never returned?
If you gave me twice as much attention when im buried
It would take weeks for you to wonder.
Dont worry. I forgive you for everything except forgetting me
Do you realize how much i really love you?
Only to be chained into the darkest corner of my nightmare
This is how pathetic i am
Like a moth, im drawn to your embers
And ill keep on coming closer
My wings are burning as i see the ground
It nears, the ground, the end
In a final attempt to get your attention i reach out
If you saw me, would you grasp my hands
Even though theyre already cooling?
Youve left me here and im as good as dead
And what we had? It never really mattered, did it?
No...I know it wouldnt ever matter.
You take me for granted.
Will you regret this final decision?

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