MP ( / Laurens County, South Carolina)

No Ambitions

That’s what he has, no ambitions
Being a Colonel for 41 years
Living in a tent and
Watching Black & dust TV

If he had only promoted himself
Allowing others to move up
Surely would have saved his ass
Leaving those below him, ever so glad

Now look how sad he is
Wearing that ‘Snoopy” cap on his head
While denying Pierre Cardin the chance
To upgrade his dusty threads

One must ask though
What does he do, with all that money?
Clearly, not that many toys like Kenny
But he does prove the point
That opulence is over rated for many

by Murphy Payne

Comments (1)

I like the light hearted approach to a current topic. Nicely humourous, but in laughter a point is raised that makes one think of the situation. Good imagery of a well known person.