The Undying Challenger

Never gave up, it's not my style
Push me far and I'll go wild
Knock me down and watch me smile
After all I'm Edwards child

Think I'll stop, I'm unstoppable
Hope I'll break, I'm unbreakable
My skills my flow is unobtainable
My life itself is unbelievable

It's undeniable, I'm undefinable
Describe me as I'm indescribable
Unpredictable, each thought, each move, untraceable
Like a beast turned loose, untamable
Chains I'll break thru, uncontainable
You can't argue, it's not debatable
The things I'll do is unthinkable
I'm proud to be, unchangeable

Try me, hit me, knock me down
Kick me hard while I'm on the ground
You won't hear me scream but you'll hear one sound
You'll think I'm dead yet hear my heart pound

Congratulations you made me fall
Watch me get back up and beat you all
I'll hold you by your throat, slam you in the wall,
Then break your legs just to watch you crawl

I'm not too nice to bumps in my path
I'll raise my fist, throw it down and smash
Until the bump is gone and my path is smooth
Ill laugh at anyone who tries to make me lose

I have been thru a lot but I'm not dead yet
So I hope to God that you don't forget
I won't stay quiet because I'm outspoken
Yes I've been hurt, but I'm not broken.

by Haven Leonel

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