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No Better Than I
TT (August 17,1988 / Boston, Ma)

No Better Than I

Poem By timelia tison

…Because I’m not responsive
Or hateful, despiteful —
Full of it.
Been dead for awhile, but I know I didn’t quit.
You’ve been going down
While I’m heading up.
When the crowd’s around; they don’t make a sound.
Now I know how it feels to bleed.
You’re no better than me.
I’ve felt the pain; cried the shame at full speed.
We’re both the same.
Took the blames.
Are you happy?
You’re just like me
Not behind me, but equally.
And every time we break up we make up
Too choked up and then I wake up
Finding myself alone — drying to the bone.
You’re no better than me.
I had enough — took it rough
All the suffering nearly killed me
And I plead softly as I hit the floor;
Can’t take anymore.
You’re too weak.
Do you see yourself when you see me?
I know that it eats you alive
Makes you want to cry
Fall on both knees and grieve
Next to you; that’s we’re I’ll be.
Cry out load knowing I would
Be on my own where I could breath
Finally free from the people who
Don’t bring hope, but tragedy.

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