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No Boyscout
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No Boyscout

Poem By Carsten Thomsen

He was a friend
of a friend.
A dirty undercover cop
that would set you up
and then bust your ass.
Selling drugs,
or guns,
or minors,
and then,
once caught,
for a price,
let you go,
and sell it
I met him again
in his bar
doing a choke
kill all
on a fat child
selling peanuts
He was drunk:
I knew
as he had left his gun
behind. Him
having the urge
and the tendency
to fire it
when drunk.
I didn't’t like what I saw,
but him being a friend,
of a friend
and a man
living on the edge
in the gray zone
of the written law
didn't want as your enemy,
let it slide,
having sold out
of morals for less
than that,
like a god lay
or momentary oblivion.

I left at five
having sampled
and tried
but the minors.

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Comments (2)

Sorry! it was a nine...apparently! lol Tai tired
Great imagery in this little poem Carsten...never been in that situation yet! I kind of take the bull by the horns far too often for my own good, but I have survived with my conscience intact thus far! lol But men have always been the weaker species when it comes to temptation, not their fault, naturally! lol There is a lot to be said for living in exotic regions but not enough of your style bad ass things. Take it easy. 10 from me. Smiling Tai