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No Bugles In The Morning
JRJ ( / Belvedere, California)

No Bugles In The Morning

Poem By Joseph Rodrigues Jr.

I seen the flash, I heard the blast, the chopper was ablaze--
The treetops were dancing when the sanguine sky was hazed.
I heard a cry, I heard a moan, I heard the bugles call. So I walked among the woods quietly all night long;
There was not a moon lit night nor a blinking star.
There was no light at all, no light at all to see. Oh I called him all night long as I walked the wood alone;
And I listened for his cry but never heard a moan. Then I found him at dawn, when the sorry sky was red:
I was looking for the living, but only found the dead.
I had no time to linger on , so I said a little prayer;
I knelt beside my brother when the battle dawn was red:
I clasped his hands together and left him lying there. As I trod into the mud, I heard the rockets blast;
I felt a sudden blow today that took my life away.
I cry aloud as I awake and silent grow the guns.
I hear the birds singing songs, oh! what music to the ear;
I hear no bugles! yes I do!---no bugles in the morning. Now I know it was a dream, I can't believe this dream is true:
Pure heart of song! do you know
That we are making earth a hell?
Or is it that you try to show, life's still a joy, and all is well. After The Fall The joy and laughter can only be enjoyed to the full
Once one have drained the cup of sorrow to the dregs,
For as low as one can fall in the scale of life,
So correspondingly one can rise. And though my experiences are all but part of my evolution;
I ponder what is my attribution.
I now look back in retrospect, and view my life with introspect. And out of the jigsaw of all the events:
I now see with awe, what everything mean;
How every piece fits...Into it's allotted place:
How every experience was a lesson to embrace:
To enable me to have a greater understanding
Of my place realized in the midst of my time. Jorcbr@earthlink.net

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