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No Bull In Bulgaria
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

No Bull In Bulgaria

I danced last night,
Where the music found me,
My clumsy steps warmly accepted,
To bring me to this classic moment.

The rain falls and the summer sky darkens.
I see only beauty finding its way home,
Where the song and music find there way to me.
This tranquil paradise a pained storm, quitened.

The friendship rose flys and the rivers fil,
The trees growing into a longevity to be shared,
My music is glorious and I lift others in the storm,
The gold in the darkened sky lifts us into a new high.

The beauty of the written word,
The sexual pleasures of man spoken of,
The spirit not unlike a relationship in flower given.
I am the anger quitened and the warmth once more.

My fears slienced and and the rainfall warms,
The solitary soujorn that I make to here,
I am finding my words again to share with you.

Those who care to read between the pillow talk,
A heart beats and its mine,
The candle flame flickers and the graphite etches,
A face to see.

02/28/08 Plovidv, Bulgaria

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