No Chance

Its like a gorilla, dating a princess,
this possibility, the king will lose no rest,
not even a speck of his brain,
will be put into strain,
its like the beginning becoming the end,
this only happens every now and then,
but even though theres a slight chance,
there's no point to dance, this dance,
its like all animals interbreeding on the same day,
we all know it will never be that way,
so no worries over here,
no reason to fear,
its like the planets alinging in one line,
this will not happen in all of time,
not even in dreams,
better chance of a river of cream,
its like a billion dollars, falling for the sky,
no point of imaging this, no point why,
no amount of imagnation,
could bring this into realization,
its like the chance of you and me for eternity,
this i know will never be,
thats why i write this, to make it clear,
that how i cant imagine us together, cause how do you prepare,
to realize that the chance isnt there...

by Kaleb Gonzalez

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