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No Copyright - Gift At Christmas 2015
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No Copyright - Gift At Christmas 2015

Poem By Bill Grace

Before the sun's
early morning light
when it is too soon to write
a flood of images come
it is a gift.

When wife's breathing is hard
and mine is easy
it is a gift.

The day before Christmas
is warm
it is a gift.

The outside gray cat
sits In my lap
and purrs
it is a gift.

The Thursday Bible study
takes me on a tour
of the expanding universe,
the beauty of light year galaxies -
our stepping stones -
it is a gift.

The retired doctor
has time to talk
theology and biography
it is a gift.

At our Christmas Eve service
at the passing of the peace
the flame of love's power
was in such excess
I thought I saw tongues of fire
dancing over sanctuary heads
it was a gift,

and after the Mass -
wonder -
that God
would ever come
in such a humble package
it was a gift.

For a moment
the push of power and pleasure stop
it is a gift.

A poem given to the world
without copyright
a hope without name
it is a gift.

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