No Dad Of Mine

You're a liar a cheat you mean nothing to me,
You have lost your daughter,
I hope you can see,
I don't think you care that you really hurt my mum,
You split up a happy family,
Only you are that dumb,

Calling you dad I feel so ashamed to say,
You have hurt so many people along the way,
I don't know one person that is as low as you,
I don't know the dad I used to know and I'm starting,
To hate you to,

You left us and you didn't care,
I never felt like your daughter cause you were,
Never there,
You should know that most people die in the bed,
They lay,
You will never hear me say I love you,
Until the day that mole passes away,
Listening to your lies is such a bore,
I'm sorry but your not,
My dad anymore! !

by Candy Simpson

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