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No Doubt About It
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No Doubt About It

Poem By Sandra Osborne

I’d like to think
That I’d be Job,
When all the horror hits.

I’d like to think
That I’d be strong,
Not in a pity pit,

I’d like to think,
I would not curse,
And never blame the Father.

I’d like to think,
Prayers would be first,
Not be afraid to bother.

But truth be known,
I am not strong,
A sinner to the core.

I ‘d scream at God,
And cursed him too
“What in hell is it for? ”

I‘d yell and cry
And say 'Why Me? '
'Why can't you let me be? '

Then darkness would
Begin to fall,
With hatred all around me,

But in the depths,
Of all my pain,
I’d find a mustard seed.

Just a little bit,
Of faith in God,
With all my heart around it.

Then the darkness
Would begin to dim,
With Jesus Christ I'd light it.

I'd struggle back,
All with his help,
I could not crawl without out it.

And while not Job,
He loves me so,
I have no doubt about it.

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