No Elegy For Plaster Teeth (Part 1)

Poem By Diane Hine

Bony greying woman in a plaster-spattered coat
Mixes stuff of which they're formed with mind afar-remote
Pours the moulds, prepares their beds in fluffy little piles
Therapists in pastel scrubs fly in and out with smiles.

Schooled to their desired shape in template alginate
Mallow soft to nougat hard, delivered, lives oblate
White or pink, uniquely formed with pegs arrayed askew
Four-percent neanderthal effects are coming through.

'Dog ate the retainer' states a form and gives her pause
One way or another pesky canines are her cause
Trims and shapes didactically, prepares them for the fray
Pristine 'fore the onslaught, knows they'll barely last a day.

(Note; refers to the models on which dental appliances are built)

Comments about No Elegy For Plaster Teeth (Part 1)

This made me smile... I love (Therapists in pastel scrubs fly in and out with smiles.) I assume the therapists are thoughts meandering... An interesting poetic piece from an angle not many could write... Thanks Diane. Karen
Ha, this gave me a few good chuckles (and a great pearly-white smile) hehe. I'm proud to relate, for better or worse, my teeth are ME, my own (well for better or worse as I said, lol)
Very good Diane, very good :)

4,5 out of 5
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