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No Escape

Our skin touches...for the first time,
As the warmth of your body engulfs me,
Entangled in your embrace,
I know -
There's No Escape

As i gaze into your eyes,
Get lost in your essence,
I am overcome...overcome by the truth.,
By the beauty that is you,
I know -
There's No Escape

In such a brief instant,
Our souls embrace,
In such a brief instant...a lifetime,
I know -
There's No escape

As our spirits soar,
Truly Free...Truly Happy,
For the first forever,
I know -
There's No Escape

As our lips touch, as i taste you,
In that moment, as i breath you in,
My intoxication begins,
I know -
There's No escape

For the Everything that is you,
For the Everything that you have awoken in me,
I Love You,
I am in Love with you,
and i truly know -
I Want There To Be... No Escape

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Micheal this is beautiful goodness very well written flows great and i can feel your emotion pouring out. Thank you for sharing! **Hugs Coreena**