No Escape

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Born and brought up in a caring family,
I reached life’s perfection.
I was very lucky actually
To get proper parental attention.

It is said that goodness has it’s evil side,
And the evil me in could no longer hide.
I hurt my pal and told a dreadful lie,
But none of these made me cry.

The good old spirit in me was dead,
By the evil power my life was lead.
Still in me stayed the light of goodness,
Though the chances of reverting were very less.

I felt guilt creep over me,
My family’s love I could see
It helped me out
And this goodness I no longer doubt.

Today I have learnt a lesson
And I want to make a confession.
Leaving the path of sins behind
The positive path I will find.

This change came in me because
Of the guilt that had taken shape.
Even after sheer efforts
I found out it had NO ESCAPE.

(Written in 9th grade, must have been the year 2001)

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