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No Escape
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)

No Escape

Is there no escape from this pain
It feels as if slowly I am going insane
This time it seems as if I've finally driven you away
Why is it that all I want is for you to stay

Please hurt me, make me hate you
Why is it that you can't feel this way too
So many times I thought you were the one
But all you wanted was to have a little fun

How could I be so blind, why couldn't I see
All along it was right there in front of me
You never pretended, you never lied
How come I feel so empty inside

Just go, please let me be
I don't want to admit what you have done to me
I convinced myself it was just a little crush
No one told me it would hurt so much

We started as lovers, I can't just be your friend
This is too difficult, I can no longer pretend
Please tell me the secret, what must I do
If this means nothing, how come I can't get over you

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