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No Excuse For Such Behavior
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

No Excuse For Such Behavior

What consumes a man
to hit the one he supposedly loves?
What bogus rage boils within him?
I think there is no excuse for such behavior.
No, temporary insanity plea.
No, I forgot to take my medicine.
Because when you open you hand
or close a fist and hit somebody,
you have given up your right
to be able to think for yourself.
I would never do such a thing.
I don't understand why someone
would want to do such a thing.
It doesn't make any sense
because we have the power to silence the animal inside of us
Some of us need to concentrate harder than others.

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Comments (2)

This is very moving. I agree with you. I don't understand HOW somebody can do this when love is suppose to be there. But, I also don't understand how people can put up with it. It's very sad. Sincerely, Mary
If more men...as well as women....felt this way we would have less domestic problems. I gave you a ten because it deserved it!