No F*****d Up Dream

Poem By Audrey O'shea

im standing my ground, then the Earth starts moving, im pretending the truth is

yet to be found, but my lie is ungluing. at this very moment ive just realized

something, that me and you wont ever be together again, and its made me feel

dead into nothing, and it hurts so bad within. when you told me no, my anxiety

began to grow, overwhelmed by the tears that wanted to flow, but i feel like its

something good to know, i feel like i can just let go. but the feeling is so

unnatural and unreal, that i feel like its all a dream, that one day me you'll

come steal, and whisk me away into nothing but steam. i have so much love

and care for you, but i feel like its ok to let go, tho its hurting inside and its

flooding thru, but i let it flow. because in this painful year, ive never felt this

way, yes my eyes want to tear, but its ok because i feel balanced, and not

swayed. its an unnerving feeling, and i feel like i dont know you at all, but i feel

happy because im dealing, with the fact that you i dont want to call. you had

this power over me for so long, and maybe in time this was supposed to happen,

that you'd loose the hold on me and let me grow strong, instead of hurting myself,

and letting it blacken. im not too sure what all this means, but i can tell one

single thing, that this strange feeling inside is no f***ed dream.

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Wonderful. I have to be honest, I got chills after the last line.

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