ATM (18-12-1986 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

No Fear

There is no fear
in this wide open world
No fear
to ponder upon

No fear
in this depth of darkness
No fear
to marvel at
No fear
to despise at
No fear
of the unknown

Just eternal bliss
upon this rotting abyss

Concrete built upon
that we cherish
as much as ourselves

we dress in sparkling attire
we rejoice in superficial ceremonies

we plunder this earth
stone by stone
bloodbath awaits
as we rob our souls

Gods that long abandoned us
History that long forgot us
Wars and Famines
Diseases and wealth

Ideologies differ
making new roads
to utopia.

And No Fear
And No Fear
No Longer
Not anymore
of the living or the dead.

by abu tarek md tahsin

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