No Flies On Yoko

Poem By Ted Sheridan

We were watching the television when a fly landed on the screen
It walked across Yoko's forehead and stopped on the tip of her nose
My wife complained it was blocking her view of the show
But I didn’t kill it as it will be dead soon enough….

Comments about No Flies On Yoko

Oh this so made me laugh! Maybe it's just too early in the morning. It's true though isn't it and I guess the same applies to all living irritations (politicians excepted) . Oh and except for spiders. They have to go. t x
Wives are never wrong but it is almost beyond imagination that the flies' position on Yoko's nose blocked the only credible view. But then again Yoko ain't all that purty neither... Thanks for not swatting the fly - too many hearts would be broken. Rgds, Ivan
No flies on Frank, indeed, Mr. Sheridan...I shower twice a day, and in fact, the only time i've been muddied is when i've been playing in the PH FORUM! .. My friend Jim McKeever once called me ''Ole Muck 'n Mire''...Bang, Zoom! Great stuff, Ted FjR
what an imagery.. pokerfaced reality of a world arrested in metaphoric thought... take care ted.. you arethe finest human element in the soul of a poet.. we all love you in a very special way..your poems insides into a word of a thought... breaking news hi just wanted to tell you i am leaving out of town for some work will be back saturday.. will miss you guys.. firoze

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